runners’ lab aims to improve your sports performance and prevent sports injuries with expert shoe advice and supported by our dynamic footscan® analysis technology.


Runners’ lab was founded in 1980 enabling people to keep running, free of injury.


we offer a running or walking analysis on a 30-metre track with a 2-metre footscan® plate in the middle


on the basis of this analysis we give advice on shoes or orthotics to ensure that people can carry on taking exercise without injury

custom work

we are able to give personalized advice and can personally assist each individual in his or her own way



Advising the right shoe is sometimes not good enough.

the right shoe

a shoe can give the right support, especially if you can recommend the right shoe.2

with certain injuries, additional support can be needed, and above all custom made support

custom orthotics

we offer orthotics because this enables us to provide work that is truly tailored to individual needs.


a team of skilled orthopedic technicians, podiatrists and physiotherapists are ready to give the proper professional advice.


about runners' lab

More than 35 years of experience!

In 1980, years before the running hype, Runners Service Lab (now runners’ lab) opened the first running specialty store in Belgium. Our technology used to design and develop running shoes and orthotics based on a dynamic footscan® formed the basis of our success. Our technology is still evolving and improving everyday.

Over the years, runners’ lab has made significant contributions to the development of the footscan® technology and analysis.


Runners' lab has its own workshop where it has developed and manufactured its orthotics and insoles since day one. Originally in Beveren and since 2011 in Zwijndrecht. For our analysis we use a patented 2 meter footscan® plate. This pressure measurement system is a successful international project of Jempi Willsens, the founder of RSLAB in 1980 and owner of rsscan international.

The runners' lab expertise is also known among top athletes around the world. Paula Radcliffe, marathon record-holder, is a regular customer at runners' lab. And Greg Lemond believed to have won the Tour de France also because of the runners' lab orthotics. But many more followed in their footsteps:

+ Mo Farah
+ Alistair Brownlee
+ Kim Clijsters
+ Tia Hellebaut
+ Lisa Norden
+ Lynsey Sharp
+ Milos Raonic
+ ...

See you soon in one of our stores.

runners’ lab is the place to be for professional advice on functional footwear, orthopedic modifications and custom orthotics!