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Gait analysis

Basic package

150 EUR - Duration 1hour

- Gait analysis with Footscan®
- Video recording with six high-speed cameras (Quintic)
- Report of your analysis
- Measurements for any insoles

Option 1 - Diers back and spine scan + DEXA leg length scan

+ 50 EUR – Duration 30min

Additional information on your functional posture and potential leg length discrepancy allows us to provide more targeted advice to help you remain free from injuries. This also includes a DEXA body composition scan.

Option 2: Shoe advice

+ 50 EUR – Duration 30min

Based on the results of your gait analysis we will be able to provide you with targeted advice on the most suitable running shoe, possibly in combination with custom insoles.

Option 3: option 1 + option 2

+ 100 EUR – Duration 1h

Diers back and spine scan + DEXA leg length scan + DEXA body composition scan + shoe advice